We are Nigeria-born Missionaries and Academics who prime perspicacity and creativity in academic and literary work. Our works are concentrated in human health, faith, non-fiction works, blogging, and poetry.

Together, we are working to evolve astute ways to improve access to health information, strengthen oral and public health education and research, and promote favourable health outcomes in resource-limited contexts, especially in Africa.

Aside from being heavily involved with teaching our students at the moment, we are also working on some missional and literary projects, researching and loving our family.

We make our home in Banjul, The Gambia, the smiling coast of Africa, from where we work.

VE ADAMU, FOCS | LinkedIn profile | ORCID iD profile

I am a board-certified dental therapist. I’m also an oral protozoologist and a public health expert & parasitologist with an MPH in (generic) public health and a PhD focused on oral protozoology, parasitology, and public health.

I have received training and certifications in data analytics, measuring and valuing health, disease prevention and control, IDSR, HIV/AIDS, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, research synthesis, and evidence-based healthcare.

I’m an associate professor of oral & public health at Euclid University (Pôle Universitaire Euclide), and a Faculty at Universities in Africa and Europe.

Specialities: Oral health, public health, parasitology, health promotion & communication, allied dental education, and dental public health.

Institutional Affiliations

  1. Orapuh School 
  2. School of Global Health & Bioethics, Euclid University (Pôle Universitaire Euclide)
  3. University of Suffolk, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom
  4. Unicaf University, Lusaka, Zambia
  5. University of South Wales, Wales, United Kingdom
  6. Unicaf University, Malawi
  7. Urgent Mission to Nations, worldwide
  8. Evangelical Faith Church (e-faith Church) network
  9. Orapuh, Inc.

NIF ENEOJO, MOCS |LinkedIn profile | ORCID iD profile

I am a board-certified dental therapist. I’m also a health promotion expert and an educational administrator with undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications focused on health promotion and education management.

I have received additional training in IDSR, disease prevention and control, and Covid-19 issues.

I’m Director of Administration and Finance at Orapuh, Inc. and Faculty at Orapuh School.

Specialities: Oral health, public health, health promotion/communication, educational administration/planning

Institutional Affiliations

  1. Orapuh School
  2. Orapuh, Inc.
  3. Orapuh College of Scholars
  4. Urgent Mission to Nations, worldwide
  5. Evangelical Faith Church (e-faith Church) network