Understand the person that we call ‘God’

The greatest knowledge on earth is that of knowing God. God has given us a revelation of Himself in His Word. The things that He has revealed about His nature and attributes are sufficient for our salvation, walk with Him, and making heaven eventually.

Through the Bible we understand that God is an eternal Spirit, who was neither made nor born and is not subject to the limitations and temptations of men. God is present everywhere and does not change.

Through the Bible we also understand that God is all-powerful and can do all things. God knows all things. God is holy and there is none holy as God. He is neither partial nor unjust. He is perfect in judgement and uncompromising in standards. God is good, patient, and kind. God is truthful, wise, and merciful.

What a God!

This is the God that we serve and that we call people to serve. This kind of God deserves our worship, our life, our service, and our all.
This knowledge about God should inspire faith in believers to commit their all to Him without looking back and should persuade sceptics and unbelievers to surrender their lives to Him.

Don’t loiter around with inferior beings or concepts. Come to the God that all sufficient and surrender to His authority. Confess every known sin to Him asking Him to forgive you for every one of them and ask Jesus to come into your life to become your Lord and personal Savour. You wont regret it.