Sometimes, men engage in several wrongdoings against fellowmen before turning to Christ for salvation. God does not expect the believer to close their mind to some actions of theirs in times past, which have injured some people, whether this is known to such people or not.

There must be
1. confessions and corresponding restoration of things stolen while an unbeliever,
2. repayment of debts
3. restoration of resources where people have been defrauded,
4. apologies to persons that were slandered,
5. confessions to people offended and the corresponding malice must be terminated,
6. visitation to striking lies told, or significant false witnesses borne,
7. the addressing of murders of characters, persons and unborn babies,
8. exposition of illicit relationships, while married,
9. visitation to gross examination malpractice,
10. redressing of gross financial misconduct and embezzlements,
11. apologies to persons that were raped, etc.

There are lots of wrongs that must be redressed to consolidate the new-birth experience. This is called restitution. Restitution means paying compensations for injuries that we have brought on fellowmen. The list is not exhaustive. The believer should pray fervently and to take counsel from a mature Christian or minister who believes and teaches restitution before redressing any wrong.