Seek God sincerely and honestly

There was a great man of the Middle East who had influence and power. He was a soldier that was recognised in his nation. However, he was not like some of the soldiers of his day. He was humble and compassionate, despite his great achievements.

This man was touched by the plight of the poor people that were around him and this drove him into sharing his stuff with them. Many wealthy persons that we know today would not do that!

He was also religious. He and his entire family feared God. He prayed to God several times a day. He fasted and prayed and looked up to Him often.

God saw his heart and sent a man who understood what it means to be saved to go and minister to him. And that was how he got saved. That was how he got transformed forever. That was how he got converted. He sought some elements of religion, but he found Jesus.

His religious activities, the help that he gave to the poor, his influence among his kinsmen, and his service to his nation were not enough to confer salvation on him. God had to intervene. God had to send help to him because he was sincere in his quest for God and the yearning of his heart was pure.

When we seek God with sincerity and pure motive, He shows up for us.

Our religious activities are not enough. Praying is not enough. Fasting is not enough. Giving alms to the poor is not enough. Patriotism is not enough. It is not even enough to fear God. We must receive Jesus into our heart and life to be saved.

You have only one life. Do not play with it. Seek ways to get right with God today. Be sincere and unbiased in your search for Him and he will show up for you. Amen.