Don’t be a Judas

He could have turned out a great guy but he failed. He had a promising future but his hopes evaporated into thin air before his eyes.

This man had a prominent place among his cronies. He had a say at the table of decisions. He was the preferred candidate for the position of the Chief Finance Officer, and he got the job. He didn’t struggle with the duties of the position but he secretly converted the resources at his disposal to personal use. Abuse of power!

God places people in influential positions but some abuse the privileges of their position. When we do so, we open up ourselves to the machinations of the enemy. That was what happened to the man in our story. I am taking about Judas, Judas Iscariot.

He stole from the group fund that was in his possession by virtue of his position as the treasurer of the group. Because he was a thief, Satan found a worthy vessel in him. He laid hands on him and influenced him to take the betrayal of the trust of the group to another, higher level. He helplessly obliged the devil. He betrayed his Master!

Little or secret sins open us up to bigger, regrettable sins. If we don’t deal with little or secret sins early, they end up putting us into deeper trouble. In the case of Judas, his story ended up beyond tears – he committed suicide, and inherited hell. Do you know how your case might end up if you don’t deal with those secret or little sins?!

Jesus was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil. Approach Him for a bath. Be open to him about those bad habits of your life and ask Him to help you to destroy them. If you have not been born again, this is the time to key into that glorious destiny. Confess your sins to God and ask Him to forgive everyone of them. Then ask Jesus to come into your life to become your Lord and personal Saviour.

Your destiny will not get amputated like that of Judas in Jesus’ name.