The force of godliness

There is a great force that only integrity, purity, and godliness can muster.

Chances are that you have read about a young Jewish woman who was like any other woman of her day but became great because she found favour with God. Integrity, purity, and godliness bring people into favour with God.

The woman was an ordinary woman who went about her daily business like everyone else. But she wasn’t like some of our young women today. Many there are who think that becoming an influential woman means making so much money at the expense of others, hating on people who do not see the world and issues through their own lenses, talking down on accountability where it matters most, promoting role-reversals, and cashing in on people’s ignorance to make a name and money!

Our woman was different. She primed godliness with contentment. She wasn’t the kind of person that would ‘make mechandise’ of people. People knew her as a chaste virgin. And, heaven knew her too. When we take our time to find out how God wants us to live and are diligent enough to live that way, God’s favour envelopes us.

God determined to do something glorious and amazing with this woman. If you want God to do something bigger than you with your life, you should surrender to His authority, find out His will for your life, and keep step with that plan. God has a plan for you. Key into His best for you by finding Him, staying near Him, and doing His will for your life.

The woman in our story would become the mother of Jesus. I’m sure that she never thought that God could make such a phenomenal and an unforgettable personality out of her lowly self. The power of a surrendered life! There is no limit to what God can do with an ordinary person who is completely sold out to Him in truth and in every sense of the word.

Don’t live another person’s life. And, don’t just live to please people or a religious circle. Get to God to find out what He has for you. God is mindful of those who walk the quiet ways. Get on that way to launch into His best for you. Become a child of God by confessing your sins to Him, seeking His forgiveness and inviting Jesus into your heart and life to become your Lord and personal Saviour. Do it today.