The door of His mercy

Individual differences can be grave. Our differences are powered by our value system – our worldview. And value systems are shaped by familial inclinations and societal/social institutions.

Two persons were in the place of prayer. One was of a group of people who thought that they were already part of God’s family because they adhered to certain rituals that were bequeathed to them by a great father who had dealings with God. The other was of another group that the institutions of the first group thought was of the devil and deserved destruction.

When they began to pray, the first man, gave glory to God, recounting his self-righteous deeds that didn’t fly before the God that he intended to impress. Even thanksgiving can, sometimes, be wrong! The second man just pleaded for mercy and caught God’s attention. Our value system shapes our thoughts, utterances, and (ultimately) actions,

Self-righteousness cannot help anyone. We cannot serve God on our terms. And we cannot declare ourselves saved without reaching out to Him for help. Imagine a drowning man declaring himself already rescued without reaching out for the help line that is let down by a rescuer! We cannot assume that we can figure out how to navigate our walk with God all by ourselves. We need Him. We need His help.

Today is the day to reach out for God’s mercy. Today is the day to turn to Him. Forget all the claims to self-righteous or religious activities. He alone can save. You need Himself. Don’t allow your values or the opinions of cronies to keep you away from contacting His mercy.

Today is the day of salvation. Tomorrow might be too late.