Do not decide hastily

Decisions of worth are not made hastily. Hasty decisions end up in the garbage section of mundane issues.

Kingdom decisions require thoughtful consideration and scripture-backed actions. When our will is aligned with Kingdom priorities, we can make quick decisions that are appropriate and relevant to God’s purpose for the hour and for all time.

The woman with the alabaster box of precious oil had her will exercised to discern both good and evil. She prioritised anointing Jesus with the precious ointment because she was a surrendered woman. Judas, the man with an unyielding will, could not understand the woman’s actions and declared it an extravagance. He would have preferred that the oil was sold so that, as the treasurer of the group, he could steal from the proceeds to fund personal concerns.

Jesus, the all-knowing and Kingdom-minded Saviour affirmed that an eternally meaningful transaction took place at the instance of the woman’s sacrifice. She was purchasing a place in the story of Jesus – the story of redemption.

Do not decide to cling to your old ways hastily. Consider your ways.

Do not decide to remain on the ‘broad way’ hastily. Consider the path of your feet.

Do not decide to stick to false prophets and empty religion hastily. Consider your affiliations and associations.

The decision to follow the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom He has sent is not a hasty one. God carefully made the plan of redemption. Ours is to key into the provision that He has made for us.

I call on you to decide to flow with the decision to follow the only true God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent today.