The crystalline experience

What do you know about transformation? What do you know about a complete turnaround?

Imagine for a moment the transformation that takes place in the lifecycle of a butterfly. Imagine the life of the butterfly – from the ‘cradle’ of formlessness to the beautiful tapestry of the winged adult exuding class and style!

When you see a beautiful butterfly, remember that it has not always been like that. It was once ‘ugly’ and fragile. But a transformation took place, and now you have the beautiful butterfly.

God’s transforming power transcends whatever you can imagine about the butterfly. It bequeaths the crystalline experience – the experience of eternal life!

It is amazing how God works through lives, families, and other institutions. It is amazing how He could lay His hands on an individual and so transforms him that his life is almost unrecognisable by those who knew him before his encounter with God. God transforms. He bequeaths the crystalline experience.

Paul’s life was ugly before he met Christ. He lived in sin, he was proud, he was insensitive to the plight of those who did not subscribe to his religious inclinations, and so on. But a great transformation took place when he met Christ. He became a great apostle of God’s mysteries.

God wants to transform you. You need the transformation that only God can bestow. No, you can’t continue to live your life like this! Go to God to seek His transformation. Like the butterfly, become your beautiful self by surrendering yourself for an encounter with His transforming power. Experience His transformation today. His transformation begins in your life when you surrender to His authority by asking for His forgiveness – for staying away from Him, for your shortcomings and failures, and asking for Jesus Christ to come into your heart and life to become your Lord and personal Saviour. And as you fellowship with Him daily, He continues His work in you – until you attain the full measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.