Blood brings calmness

Many years ago, I visited a major city in one of the West African countries for a professional event and a friend asked me to intervene in a situation that was about claiming an innocent life in one of the government hospitals there.

My friend’s brother was married to a woman who belonged to a religious sect that prohibited blood transfusion because they believe that the life of the donor is in the blood and that transfusing it transmits that life to the receiver of the transfusion. Their son became ill – very ill, and needed a blood transfusion but the woman was reluctant to approve the procedure. The father of the family was away, I guess. I can’t remember that now.

When my friend told me about the situation, I quickly ran to the hospital. When I got there, some of the members of the woman’s sect were already on the ground to give moral support to their member as she stood her ground to defend her religious belief in the face of a looming tragedy. The poor boy lay very restless on the hospital bed and was in obvious distress.  As I called on the doctors to bring me any necessary documents to sign and to proceed with the transfusion immediately, I firmly nudged the boy’s mother to jettison the advice of her religious cronies and save her son’s life.

No sooner had the blood transfusion ensued than the restless boy became calm. He was saved from a premature passing.

The power of blood!

Blood promotes life.

Blood links people together – family.

Blood speaks.

Blood is life.

Blood is involved in our redemption – the blood of Jesus. The blood speaks better things than human blood. The blood brings believers into a vital relationship with God and His family. The blood speaks salvation, healing, and deliverance. The blood that mediates eternal life to all who come to God through Jesus Christ.

That blood was shed on the Cross of Calvary for everyone. You do not need to deny that truth. Denying it cannot change the fact. What God requires of you is to appropriate that blood for the remission of your sins.

You have been restless in darkness, sin, confusion, and disillusionment long enough. You need that blood that brings total calm to your being.

Approach the Almighty God for your cleansing in that blood and welcome Jesus Christ into your life. There will be calmness.