Get that root out!

A man lived in harmony with his brother, exploring the riches of nature and the beauty of existence together. We do not have any record of a single problem between them. They lived with each other fervently and they cherished their daily fellowship together, I guess.

Satan hates it when people dwell together in love, understanding, and harmony. He tries to sow discord among brethren. He tries to scuttle the tranquil experience. He sows tares among the wheat. He tries to ensure that the purpose of God does not come to pass. He is the enemy of God. He is the enemy of man. He is the enemy of every good thing.

Satan achieves his purpose by provoking unnecessary grudges among brethren. The grudge, if tended by allowing it to lurk in the heart, may produce other fruits like resentment and bitterness. Bitterness has negative implications for this life and for the life to come.

I was talking about Cain and Abel. One day they made some sacrifices to God. And because God accepted Abel’s and not Cain’s, Cain was provoked. He resented his brother. God warned him to no avail. He was bitter against Abel. Abel? Cain, you forgot? How about your love for each other? What about the fellowship that you share? What about the things that you do together? Bitterness can be strong! Bitterness blinds from reality. Flee bitterness. Cain eventually killed Abel. Bitterness is a killer – a killer here and a killer hereafter – it damns the soul in hell!

Don’t allow that tree to grow to attack your life and eternal destiny. How many people have wronged you in one way or another during your lifetime? How many of them are you bitter against? The tendency is to deny the presence of bitterness. But that will not help anyone. Only God can remove the root of bitterness from the heart. Your journey to healing and health begins with salvation. Surrender your entire self to God through Jesus Christ. After you are saved, ask God to remove that root from your heart. Pray until you are free.