Don’t be rich, but foolish

We were told the story of a man who became very successful in his business. He was an expert in Agronomy and he prospered in that business so much that he had everything under control. If we were to examine that business through the lens of modern-day concepts and strategies, we will infer that,

1. He used improved varieties of seeds

2. He engaged mechanised farming

3. He used soil-enriching minerals/chemicals and the fallow system to improve yields

4. He engaged a full-orbed irrigation system

5. He used an integrated pest control system

6. He utilised combined harvesters to speed up harvesting and to minimise wastage during the process

7. His storage facilities were optimised for massive containment of the enormous harvest

That man was great in his career/business niche. He was so great that he forgot that it was God that gave him that power to get wealth and he began to make his plans to the exclusion of God. He arrogated his prosperity to the power of his might and to the ingenuity of his brain. If he had lived in our day, the story of how he made his wealth and how others could do the same (without God) would have been all over social media, I guess. And his bigoted followers would have followed him, sheepishly ‘liking’ his godless posts and making misguided supportive comments on them. People have made it in life – career/business-, money-, and materials-wise, so they develop principles that teach others to stay away from God or even despise Him and his place in success! Foolishness.

God proved to the rich man in our story that He rules in the affairs of men. He proved to the man that He owned everything that he thought he had amassed for himself, including himself and his life! The man died abruptly. He left everything that he laboured for and went to face the judgement of the One that he never gave any attention. His ingenuity, prowess, and feats were now nothing as he finally got the time to think about God. Vanities. That man was a rich fool. This story was told by Jesus – the Way, the Truth, and the Life

God owns you by creation. He owns your life. He owns everything that you can see. He owns that little brain that makes you think that you are above everyone else. He owns whatever you manipulate to attain that success in what you do. Do not despise Him. Give Him His rightful place in your life. Surrender your life to Jesus today. Tomorrow might be too late. ‘For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?’ (Mark 8:36 KJV)