Don’t get into a fuss with God

Your knowledge, experience, and skills can announce you where it matters most or promote you to prominence in spheres of influence. However, we should not concentrate on the gift with abandon, to the exclusion of other important ingredients for success and good relations in life. When we offend the wrong people in the process of utilising our knowledge, experience, and skills, we constitute a snag to the wheel of our progress. And we may even pay the ‘ultimate price’.

A baker was so skilled in what he did that his lord, the king promoted him to become chief of the royal bakers. And he was doing well. He was responsible for the royal confectionery. The king trusted him. He controlled all the resources and activities at the confectionery. He was big!

One day, something went amiss. Character? Attitude? Copying the bad manners of influencers? The king because very annoyed with him and he was incarcerated and later executed. The promotion ended. The glory ended abruptly. The knowledge, experience, and skills perished at the silent graveyard.

Yes, we know that you are skilled and good at what you do. We know that you are making a decent income from your career or business. But don’t learn bashfulness and insolence from people who lack manners. Those attitudes may put you in trouble soon – trouble with a client or an employer or even God.

Don’t get into a fuss with God. He is the giver of all good things – the knowledge, the experience, and the skills. Don’t allow anyone to make you think that because you develop or acquire all that you have and do, you don’t need God. You are not of your own. He created you. He created the brain which you are exercising to do all that you do and to have all that you have. Give Him His place in your life. Do not be deceived. God will bring every word, thought, and action into judgement eventually. Do not offend the wrong person (God) in the exercise of your knowledge, experience, and skills.

It is only God that can keep you from offending Him. He helps those who are part of His family. To become a member of His family, seek His forgiveness for all your shortcomings and failures and ask Jesus into your heart to become your Lord and personal Saviour.