What do you see?

Different characters were at Golgotha, the setting of Jesus’s crucifixion – the jeerers, the sympathizers, acquaintances, enemies, etc. There was another man there. A Roman soldier. He was of a different nation and was not associated with Jesus. But as he observed, keenly, the supernatural manifestations that attended to the vicarious death of Jesus Christ that day, he couldn’t but exclaim, “This man truly was the Son of God!” (Mark 15:39 NLT)

The mouth speaks what the heart is filled with. He was convinced that Jesus was the Son of God.

Where others saw a traitor being ‘discarded’, he saw Divinity at work to redeem humanity.

Where others saw a ‘societal nuisance’ being put away forever, he saw the authentication of the claims of Jesus.

Where others saw a ‘charlatan’ who could not even save himself from the cruel cross, he saw a genuinely loving Saviour dying for a dying world.

He was at Golgotha. But he was different.

Are you different?

Jesus is being presented to you today. What do you see?

A mere prophet?

A non-existent character?

A fellow man?

A good historical Jewish man?

A founder of a religion?

A man you don’t need because your hard work brings everything that you need?

How you see Jesus colours your response to His call to come to Him. Your response to His call would colour your eternal destiny. How do you see Jesus? When you hear Him call you to Himself through people, how do you see Him?

The enemy of your soul, the devil, gives you a jaundiced view of the Son of God. He spreads the wrong view of Him in life philosophies, principles, and religion. This is significant because that incorrect view that you have of Jesus will damn your soul eventually.

See Jesus as He is. He is the Saviour of the world. Faith in Him and His indwelling presence catalyses eternal glory and life. Get Jesus, get life.