Be like the butterfly

Beautiful insects live on the earth. Some are so beautiful that a cursory look at them would make one take them for the work of a skilled artist. They are designed to be pleasing to the eyes and to exude creative and imaginative splendour at their peaks.

The butterfly is one of the insects that are awe-inspiring. They come in different sizes, colours, and shapes, but they are all beautiful.

The butterfly has not always been like that. If you met a butterfly when it began life, you would not believe it could achieve the level of visual appeal that it now has. The butterfly underwent a transformation and became the beautiful being that you now love to see.

Transformation is key to valuable being and splendour. We need transformation in our journeys – journey to a new self, career, business, etc. Similarly, we need transformation in our spiritual journey. We can’t achieve the glory and destination that we seek in our present state. Our souls need the transformation that would allow us to enter into a living and effective relationship with God.

Untransformed men end up in gloom and misery. Transformed men journey into glory, life, and joy. Transformation begins when we turn away from our sins to God seeking His forgiveness and allow Jesus, the transformer, into our hearts to have His way.

Be like the butterfly, embrace the transformation that will change you into a form that is beautiful to behold and that will help you to achieve eternal life and rest forever.

Be transformed.