The human body

The human body is an aggregation of powerfully endowed micro-parts whose working is a synergistic function of the parts.

We could liken the body to a giant machine that is powered by some ‘organ batteries’.

The intricacies of the working of the body are further compounded by the interconnectedness of every part. For example, the senses – smell, sight, hearing, feeling, and taste, are the expresions of consciousness and work in tandem to elicit the freedom of existence that we enjoy. The brain powers the senses. The heart supplies oxygen and energy to the brain via the blood circulation system. And so on.

Every part of the body is beautifully crafted. Scientific advancements and inquiries have enabled us to understand the design of the body in ways that are both fascinating and terrific.

The first realisation of a deep and honest scientific inquiry into the nature of the human body and existence should be the inference that man is not a product of evolution. Someone is behind such breathtaking artistic, structural, and functional aggregation. And to think that man is a product of evolution is unintelligent and demeaning to scientific reasoning and understanding.

God created man! Hallelujah. That is the conclusion. Every wise scientist should understand and uphold this view and inference.

The design and working of the human body demands a response from every man. We should honour and venerate the creator and designer. The most interesting fact here is that the work and design you see in you are for a purpose. The creator has also created punishment for people who fail to subscribe to that purpose! To escape the punishment, you need to do what He says to do: get your life right with Him (the creator) and walk with Him for as long as you make use of the body that He has given to you.

Jesus makes your life right with your creator. You can’t be right with Him without Jesus. He is the mediator between man and God. There is no life without Him. Approach Him to receive the salvation that He gives.