Firm foundation

When engineers design the foundation of a massive building, they give attention to the magnitude, strength, and quality of the building’s foundation. They do this because the entire building will rely on this foundation to serve its users.

Every building is as strong as its foundation. If you want to know how strong a building is, have a look at its foundation. A man who wants to build a big tower needs to prime a foundation that is commensurate with its size and would be resilient enough to bear the tower’s weight and accommodate any disturbances that may arise from its use or the forces of the earth’s crust.

Foundations are very important – very critical to the viability and durability of a building, even.

The journey of our walk with God is likened to building a tower. What foundation have you laid for the building of your life? How did you begin your journey? By being born into a Christian family? Or by just joining a Church? Or just reading the Bible? How did begin your journey? Did you go to God for the forgiveness of your sins, confessing them and turning away from them? Did you decisively and deliberately invite Jesus into your life to become your Lord and personal Saviour? If you have not done these, you may not be born again. You may be building the tower of your life on a faulty foundation.

A storm is coming – the storm of God’s judgement. It will sweep towers away. Only towers with a firm foundation will survive the storm. Jesus is the firm foundation. It is not too late to rebuild the foundation of your tower if you are not building on a firm foundation.

Do it today.