Foolish, reckless, and risky

It is foolish, reckless, and risky to live without a definite assurance that the life beyond this one will be a good one for you.

You will only live once. It won’t be wise to gamble this only one life away.

The massive provision that God has made for the salvation of man should not be ignored or despised. The consequence of such a costly mistake is catastrophic.

Know God now that you may. Follow the One Who is the Way now that He still beckons. The door will not remain open forever. God’s grace will not always be there for you.

God’s mercy is calling you today. God is calling you to freedom and peace and joy and blessings and fulfillment and eternal life. Don’t neglect this great love.

No one loves you as God does. He alone can cleanse you from your sin and defilement. He alone can make you whole again. He alone can give you the gift of eternal life.