The horrors of misplaced priorities

There are times when people generate undue emphasis on matters that should receive just a little of such attention, given the factors related to them at that particular point in time. This act is what is known as a misplaced priority.

When a student tours clubs or spends every spare time watching the television or scrolling through social media instead of studying their books, that is a misplaced priority.

When a married man spends money on every Dick, Tom, and Harry but questions every honest request for legitimate expenses from his family, that is a misplaced priority.

When a nursing mother spends time watching soap operas to the detriment of her child’s well-being, that is a misplaced priority.

When an employee galivants around a workplace at the expense of the specific duty that he owes his employer, he has a misplaced priority.

When a person created by God concentrates on education, career, business, certain philosophies, or other concerns to the exclusion of seeking and worshipping his creator, he has a misplaced priority.

Misplaced priorities can bring on unnecessary sorrows, unfulfilment, and regrets. However, when we misplace the priority of what or who should have our utmost devotion, there are disastrous consequences – alienation from God and everlasting torment. That is why you need to rethink about priorities of eternal concern today.

Surrender your life to God through Jesus Christ and receive the gift of eternal life.