Victory is certain

Don’t get upset at the enemy’s uprising. Beautiful things happen when we are resilient. Salvation is of the Lord.

The enemy was unhappy with David. That enemy was Saul, the first king of Israel. He devised several ways to kill the young man and terminate God’s plan for his life. Saul was even creative and dynamic with his strategies.

On the side of David, he trusted God and relied on Him to help him overcome his enemy, Saul. He prayed often and sought counsel from the One that he trusted. He didn’t allow the rage of the enemy to distract him from focusing on God and His mercies.

On God’s side, He remained committed to His Word (the Words that He spoke concerning His purposes for David). He was always there when David sought Him. Nothing can overcome the purposes of God for our lives if we cooperate with Him to actualise them.

David won over the machinations of Saul ultimately and ascended the throne of Israel. That is how God gives victory to His rugged children who dare to stand with Him in defiance of the enemy and the defense of their purposes on earth.

Do not get upset at the enemy’s uprising. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and keep standing with Him until the victory is in your hands. Even in the victory, keep standing with Him!

No one can defeat the enemy on their own. And no one can walk with God except they belong to Him by redemption. Begin your journey to resilience by surrendering your life to Jesus today.

Victory will be sure!