Be the wind!

The wind is a modifier of weather patterns. The wind is a game-changer. Be the wind.

You have dwelt too long in self-management and self-righteousness.

You have dwelt so long in self-pity and self-defense.

You have blamed others and their attitudes for your failures in the past.

The storms of stressful thoughts and the circumstances of life can be drowning!

The change that you need can only emanate from you. Be the wind to calm your storm.

You hold the keys to your next season.

The keys are the choices that you make.

The greatest of life’s choices is the decision to follow or to jettison Jesus Christ. That is the ultimate decision.

Jesus calms the storms of life and restores peace and joy to troubled souls.

What will you do with this power that you wield?

Allow the opinions of others or the prevailing vain philosophies of the day to rob you of the grace and possibilities in Christ or courageously ‘take the bull by the horns’ by embracing Christ and allowing His capabilities to take over the control of your life?

The choice is yours.