Evil enticements

Enticements are all around us – enticement to jettison God, love God less, or lessen our devotion to Him.

Enticements come from

1. Television programmes

2. Social media influencers and enthusiasts

3. Internet sources

4. Some prominent scientists

5. Some humanists

6. Some ignorant folks

7. Some backsliders

8. Some religious bigots

9. Some Church drop-outs

10. Close friends

11. Some family members

12. Colleagues at work

13. Peers

14. And so on.

The list goes on.

What are we to do with such enticements? The enticements that lead us away from God are evil. We are to resist them firmly in the faith!

Nothing and no one should lead us away from the Fountain of Life. The thing or person that is enticing you to drift from the true worship of the living God and creator of us all is an enemy. Resist them and their enticements firmly in the faith!

No thing’s or one’s inclinations or perceptions of life should lead you to death. You are smarter than that! Resist that thing or person firmly in the faith!

Resist every evil enticement.