Do you believe in God?

How does it feel to live without God? The emptiness. The chasing after ephemeral ‘alternatives’. The impending ultimate consequence!

Sometimes, godlessness assumes that there is no God. At other times, it reaches out to God their way and not the right way. There is the subtle, and sometimes, overt, rejection of the true worship of God.

God’s Word tells us that those who come to God must believe that He exists (Hebrews 11:6). That is the first requirement. They must acknowledge His existence and place in their lives and eternal destinies.

People who do not know God or resent the concept of a mighty, eternal Creator and owner of all things risk a lot in life and eternity.

Their lives are miserable, but for the money that some of them have.

They have no true and enduring perfect peace.

They have no ‘backup’ in their earthly journey.

They have no power over sin, its guilt, and the powers of darkness.

They have no hope and no God in this world.

They will live under the eternal wrath of the Most High God whom they reject in this life – in intolerable torments – forever.

How does it feel to live without God? Terrible.

God is the ultimate point of reference for morality, meaning, and hope in life.