The heart of the matter

This is not about pleasing anyone or a religious group. The matter is deeper than you think it is.

The heart of the matter is the destination of your soul.

Your soul is in danger and you need to do something about it now! You do not want to end up in a horrendous hereafter.

Don’t relax, hurry up and deliver yourself from the impending eternal doom.

Every effort to access God is an effort in the right direction. But you need to search for God in the right places.

The essence of the quest for God is skewed in your favour. Don’t wait for a better time to all out for Him. Tomorrow might be too late. Go for Him today.

Search for Him by asking honest questions at the right places.

Search for Him by conducting an honest and independent investigation into matters of eternal destiny.

Search for Him by asking Him to show you the right way.

Search for God NOW!