Is your heart right with God?

The heart of man is deceitful. It sometimes makes him think that he is on the right path while he is marching down into perdition.

Just imagine …

not having Jesus boldly seated in your heart and thinking that you are saved.

commiting sin and thinking that God will not count them to your account.

cashing in on people’s ignorance with predatory religious, business or organisational practices and thinking that you are merely employing good promotional and business practices.

thinking that when you have money, you have everything.

your life’s philosophies or religious inclinations can save you from God’s eternal wrath without a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

manipulating unsuspecting members of the public to take possession of their body, will, or resources.

The list is endless.

The heart of man is recklessly deceptive. Only God can work on a man’s heart to make it right with Him.

Is your heart right with God?

Don’t let your heart to deceive you. Only God can change your heart through Jesus Christ.

Come to God in humility and ask for His forgiveness and help with your heart. Then, ask Jesus into your heart. You would be surprised at the change that will happen in your heart if you did.