The strength of a friendship

The strength of a friendship becomes overt when a party is unavailable while duty calls for an uncommon commitment.

He was a close friend to a young man before his untimely passing. That young man later became the king of their nation.

The new king wasn’t just a friend; he knew the responsibilities of friendship. He sought out the son of his friend to bless him. He so blessed him that the young man had a place at the king’s table continually and would never lack in his lifetime.

That young man who later became king was David, the son of Jesse, and the friend’s son was Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan.

How many of us can do what David did? The commitments of many friendships are fleeting and parochial.

There is a friend whose commitment strength surpasses that of any known human. His name is Jesus.

Jesus loves like no man does. Jesus sticks closer than a brother. Jesus loves you in life and will love you in death if you stick to Him. He will take care of you in life and will take care of you and all that concern you in death!

In the face of the fleeting nature of man’s friendship and the temporary nature of all things, we need the unfading and loving friendship of Jesus to navigate the recesses of existence and eternity with candor.

We become friends with Jesus when we receive Him into our hearts in faith.

Have you confessed your sins to God, asking His forgiveness? If you have, please invite Jesus into your heart now.

Your friendship with Jesus has just begun. Relax and enjoy the benefits of His commitment to that relationship. Relax