Consider your path

Don’t expect to travel a common path and access uncommon results.

Life is guided by principles.

Common paths lead to common results while uncommon paths lead to uncommon results.

Common paths are paths of least resistance. Real champions are scarce on that road. There can’t be overcomers if there are no obstacles. The path of least resistance leads to banal results.

The path of the true believer is an uncommon path. There’s a lot of resistance on that road – from the devil, our flesh, and Mr. Self. Those who endure to the end are christened, ‘overcomers’.

The call of God to us is a call to an uncommon journey. He desires to give us uncommon results, which include abundant life, eternal life, eternal crowns, incorruptible inheritance, eternal mansions, etc.

What is your attitude towards God’s magnanimity? Gratitude and compliance or disdain and a longing for common alternatives?

When it comes to spiritual matters, common paths lead to corruption and destruction while the uncommon path charted by Jesus Christ leads to glory and eternal life.

This is the hour of decision. Don’t waste your life. Decide for life. Forsake the path of least resistance and travel the uncommon path that leads to glory and virtue and life everlasting.