Fear judgement

The people of Sodom and Gomorrah were very bad. They lived as they desired. They satisfied their base appetites in the most clandestine of ways.

Someone continued to talk to them to change their ways but his pleas fell on deaf ears. They wanted to remain in their ways. And in that choice, they inadvertently damned the consequences of their lifestyle and actions.

One day, judgement came and they were all swept away in the inferno.

Our world is desperately evil and displeases God daily. Preachers are warning and many are not listening to them.

Judgement is coming. People who harden their hearts against God’s warnings through His servants and other providences will eventually be swept away in God’s inferno.

The mercy of God is pleading with you to turn away from your sins and to God. His mercy triumphs over judgement. Will you heed that call today? Don’t wait till tomorrow. There might be no tomorrow for you. What will you give in exchange for your soul?

There is nothing in all of the universe that is worth facing God’s judgement for. Make a U-turn today and join God’s family. Instead of judgement, God will give you a future and hope.