This is the time to draw near to God. Skeptics need to re-examine the evidence for the absolute trust in the Creator.

There are several schools of thought and theories concerning the origin of the world and man.

Scientists hold a popular view, humanists have their own perspectives, philosophers come from different angles, and so on.

The convergence of the different views of the all-important concept of life and meaning should precipitate the truth. But, does it? No.

What is worrisome is that I would have thought that much study could have given us the answers that we need. But it seems to me that the more people delve into their areas of focus, the more they drift away from the truth.

Our systems were designed by these people. The result is that those systems cannot lead us towards the Kingdom of God as discreetly as they should.

You should undertake a personal investigation into the matters of life, meaning, and eternity for yourself. If you are open-minded and honest on that journey, you will come back with the truth that could keep you in peace here and grant you eternal life in the hereafter.