What is an illusion?

Have you believed in an illusion all your life? An illusion is a perception or interpretation of something that differs from objective reality.

What are your ideas about

1. the nature of deity
2. the afterlife
3. moral principles
4. the efficacy of religious rituals

What are your beliefs concerning these concerns? Are you believing in illusions?
Following an illusion damns souls.

Don’t follow illusions all your life. Today is the day to understand the objective realities concerning the nature of the deity, the afterlife, moral principles, and the efficacy of religious rituals. Don’t get to the end of your life only to realise that you have followed illusions all your life!

What are the objective realities about these concepts?

1. God is one. He is Almighty. He should be the sole object of our veneration and worship. He sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Anyone who believes in God and comes to Him having faith in the sacrifice of Jesus will be saved.

2. There is life after death and there are only 2 destinations beyond the grave – heaven and hell fire. What you do with Jesus and your life now will determine where you will be in the afterlife.

3. God’s moral principles must be understood and followed to please Him.

4. All religious rituals without the experience of salvation through Jesus Christ and of righteousness and holiness of life are vain.