Do you feel good?

It is totally okay to feel good. Feel good about yourself and feel good about everything around you – all fleeting concerns. But, do you feel good about things that will never pass away?

Are you aware that you will never cease to exist? Yes, you will be conscious forever. Forever means endless time. Fearful? Do you feel good about your preparedness for this endless time?

Feeling good about forever without making the right decision and taking the right steps to it is disastrous.

There are 2 destinations in forever – heaven and hell. What we do with our lives and Jesus will determine which of the destinations is waiting for us.

No one will go to heaven mistakenly. But it is possible to make hell mistakenly. What are you doing with your life? What are you doing with Jesus?

If we follow the principles of prosperity, we will become prosperous for sure. And when we are prosperous, it is normal to feel good about many things. But that feeling is not holistic when our souls are not prospering as well.

Let’s get right with God today so we can feel good about our lives here on earth and feel good about living forever with the Owner of heaven and earth.