Be changed

The only thing that is constant in life is ‘change’, they say. Living requires making adjustments to accommodate some of the realities of our shared humanity.

We adjust our schedules to accommodate unforeseen exigencies – like congested traffic, the volume of work at the workplaces, having to work late on some days, and so on.

We adjust to new circumstances and situations – like job loss, loss of a loved one, a prolonged or delayed season, unavailability of funds, and so on.

We make adjustments to take delivery of new things – like the emergence of a new disruptive technology, a new job, a new baby, a new property, a new policy, and so on.

We make changes all the time.

Change is good for everyone. Change can mean progress! Change is required to access certain physical realms.

Change is not limited to the physical realm. The spiritual realm requires changes too.

In the spiritual realm, we need to change to access some dimensions of God. For example, there can’t be salvation without real change. That is where spiritual change begins. When we are born again, we are changed. We are transformed. Our spirit man is regenerated. That change confers the ability to access God as a Father. This is termed, conversion.

Without conversion, we are not saved, we remain in the camp of the enemy, and are lost eternally.

Have you experienced spiritual change? Have you been born again? Have you confessed your sins to God asking for His forgiveness and invited the Lord Jesus Christ into your life to become your Lord and Saviour?

No one makes heaven without the ‘conversion change’. Be changed today.