Win on both sides

What would you rather have – success in this life and failure in the hereafter or success in both spheres?

Success in life is measured by accomplishments. Even though accomplishments are relative, depending on the context, we all agree that they constitute the common yardstick for determining success.

What are your accomplishments – lots of cash, flourishing business, prospering kids, property, personal investments, corporate investments, investments in others, etc.? Those are earthly accomplishments. We shall leave these accomplishments here when we eventually transit to the great beyond.

You may also be successful spiritually and have some spiritual accomplishments to your name – being born again, living an honest and holy life, being filled with the Holy Spirit, being on your way to heaven, winning souls for Christ, laying up your treasures in heaven to wait for you. These are accomplishments that will endure throughout all eternity.

You can accomplish great things physically and spiritually. Don’t live large in this life to the detriment of the next.

God wants you to win on both sides. Win here and win hereafter. That is real living.