How are you telling your story?

People encourage us to always tell our stories to build personal brands. Please when you tell your story or paint that glorious picture of your everyday life, abilities, or accomplishments, do not forget to reflect on what you are doing or have done with the opportunity to make the ultimate decision for God’s Kingdom.

The story of your life is incomplete without the mention of that all-important event.

It is important because it will determine where you will spend ‘forever’.

Whether we write our stories (physically) ourselves or not, we are all unwittingly writing the story of our lives daily – heaven is recording that story. In time, there will be a replay of that story whose content will either spell doom or precipitate glory for us.

Here are the stories that some people’s life will craft:

– a story of aimlessness.

– a story of materialism, greed, and covetousness.

– a story of wealth, glamour without God, and an insatiable gullible quest for more wealth.

– a story of woes, wickedness, and sinful pleasures.

– a story of worldly aggrandisement, carnal dispositions, and vanity

But there are other people whose stories have become or are becoming a tapestry of a beautifully crafted story of God’s mercy, grace, success, and eternally rewarding walk with the Creator and initiator of all things.

How would you like the story of your life to sound – full of God and His delights or devoid of the very One Who has given you life and the world to enjoy?