What do you say to the one who is ignorant about the meaning and destination of life?

He opines that there is no God. That brings his intelligence into question because the evidence of God’s existence is all around us. Tell him to take another look at the evidence and re-calibrate his belief system.

He doesn’t know that he is a created being and that the Creator has a purpose for creating him. Tell him that he is not here by chance and that God has a plan for him.

He thinks that life constitutes just expressing our humanity and being sympathetic to others’ expressions of their humanity. Tell him that life is more than that. Every creature will fulfill the secret counsel of God – decided by their relationship with Him.

He posits that science is a more validated stuff than what the Creator has to offer. Tell him that God created science and that science should lead us to, and not away from, God.

He maintains that we need to be successful in this life so he applies the principles of prosperity to his undertakings and teaches others to do the same. Tell him that it is important to be successful in this life, but that is not the end, we need to be successful in the hereafter also.

He thinks that there is no life after death. Ask him to understand that there is life after death because the Creator and Owner of life says so.