When you pass away…

When you pass away, your loved ones will take care of everything. They will handle your body, say their goodbyes, and even take time off work to attend your funeral. Your stuff will either be given away, sold, or kept by someone else.

Your job will go on without you; someone else will take over. Your money and possessions will go to your family or heirs. People will remember you differently: some might miss you a lot, while others will move on quickly.

Your true friends will mourn you for a bit but will eventually find joy again. Those who only knew you for fun times might forget you faster. Pets will adjust to a new home, and your photos might end up stored away.

Life will go on, with someone else using your things and living in your home. The sadness will fade over time, and you’ll become a memory.

In the end, all that really matters is the spiritual wealth you have built up by knowing Jesus as Lord and Saviour, walking faithfully with God, and being kind and loving to others. So, get saved, walk faithfully with God, and live your life fully and happily, because you can’t take material things with you when you go. Instead, you will take your love for God and the good deeds you have shared.