Are you aligning with purpose?

Those who bluff genuine devotion to the Creator of all things and brush it aside as mere religion are at risk of losing their soul to the horrible place that they trivialise now.

The deception that comes with the search for success and good health, or the acquisition of success and good health, has the capacity to make people believe in ephemeral philosophies more than they believe in God.

When this happens, people drift far from God and His concerns. And they think that they are doing well until the inevitable happens. Until they stand face-to-face with the One that they have neglected all their lives. And then, reality hits home – they have wasted their lives and the opportunity to make the ultimate decision for Christ!

The science and technology that they pursue today would not be there to help them. The flesh that they gratify today would not be there to support them. The friends and family that they have today will be far away. Their careers and businesses would be a distant thought. And so on.

They will only be left with their soul, which, sadly, is sin-sick. The God Who is in purer eyes than to behold sin and who will not at all acquit the wicked would determine their eternal state. And that would be final. No appeals. No counter judgments. No bail. No acquittal. And that state would be forever. Torments, tears, agony, heartbreaks, regrets, darkness, burning… forever!

How do we spell forever? Forever is spelled, e-n-d-l-e-s-s.

Flee from the wrath to come. Don’t allow science and technology, career or business success to deceive you. You are on earth for a purpose. And that purpose includes your worshiping God and being truly devoted to Him. In all your getting in the earth, get God!