We make different choices routinely. The choices we make influence our life and welfare. You are where you are today mostly because of the choices of yesterday. You will be somewhere tomorrow because of the choices of today. One of the choices we make in life is the choice ofContinue Reading

The strength of a friendship becomes overt when a party is unavailable while duty calls for an uncommon commitment. He was a close friend to a young man before his untimely passing. That young man later became the king of their nation. The new king wasn’t just a friend; heContinue Reading

Human society is driven by traditions. The traditions mystify the essence and beauty of being. Traditions bring some kinds of purpose even. In our socialization, we pass through some societal institutions and numerous traditions that shape our worldview and mold us into the personalities that we exude. We can contributeContinue Reading

At the centre of every subtle rebellion against God and/or His concerns is the purpose of the enemy to drag some souls to hell. You don’t want to go to hell or be the medium through which people access that horrible place of eternal torment! Don’t become a catalyst ofContinue Reading

No alternative to God brings perfect peace. There is power in being at peace with the Creator. (Deceptive) reliance on oneself creates a false sense of security. Imagine trusting the limited, mortal, and unreliable entity called ‘you’! Disastrous. How old are you? How many more years do you think thatContinue Reading

The heart of man is deceitful. It sometimes makes him think that he is on the right path while he is marching down into perdition. Just imagine … not having Jesus boldly seated in your heart and thinking that you are saved. commiting sin and thinking that God will notContinue Reading

This is not about pleasing anyone or a religious group. The matter is deeper than you think it is. The heart of the matter is the destination of your soul. Your soul is in danger and you need to do something about it now! You do not want to endContinue Reading

If we are not patient with any meaningful process, we risk losing out on its glory, eventually. He was a promising prince who was endowed by nature and held the prospect of achieving great feats for his nation. His political maneuvers and manipulative skills seemed like some of the vicesContinue Reading

A flimsy and haphazard commitment to God cannot lead to anything meaningful in this life and in the hereafter. When we desire to worship God without making a deep commitment to follow Him all the way, we make a mockery of our entire lives. When we view our relationship withContinue Reading

The time to seek God is now. The time to make the ultimate decision to follow Christ is now. Don’t waste your time and life on fleeting concerns to the detriment of your eternal destiny. You have only one life. You should live it well. When we make the wrongContinue Reading