Oral Examination & Validation

1 Dr. Heron Gezahegn Gebretsadik (Ethiopia) – A Retrospective Study on the Epidemiology and Risk-Factors of Noma in Ethiopia

External Assessment

1 Alison Okorie Ede (Nigeria) – Oral hygiene practices and the utilisation of oral hygiene services in rural and urban areas of Nigeria
2 Ede Okorie (Nigeria) – Excreta disposal practices and the occurrence of typhoid and diarrhea diseases in selected communities in Abia State, Nigeria
3 Cyril Uzoma Agulanna (Nigeria) – Assessment of sanitation status among household in Abia State, Nigeria
4 Isaiah Chimezie Abonyi (Nigeria) – Influence of biomass cooking fuels on the health status of communities in Enugu State, Nigeria

Completed Ph.D. Thesis

1 Dr Sulaiman Gbonnie Conteh (Sierra Leone) – Sierra Leone`s Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) Programme
2 Dr Oliver Ombeva Malande (Uganda) – Drivers of Vaccine Hesitancy and Under-immunization among Children of Hoima and Wakiso Districts of Uganda

Ongoing Ph.D. Thesis

3 Dalilah Kalla (Mauritius) – Lived experiences of people living with Lupus Erythematus in Mauritius
4 Blessing Onote Adebo (Nigeria) – Healthcare system reforms: Access and Utilization patterns of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Nigeria. A case study of Abuja, Nigeria

Completed Master’s Thesis

1 Samoel Khamadi (Kenya) – mHealth systems in the management of COVID-19 in Africa
2 Hannah Talitha Masangwi (Malawi) – Retention of health workers in the Malawian public sector
3 Marshall Sackey (Liberia) – Community Nursing Home Care and the mothers of pre-term babies
4 Mwanza Simangele Kalua (Swaziland) – The extent and implications of gender-based violence against men in Southern Africa
5 Makava Isi Favour (Nigeria) – Epidemiology of, and response to, the 2018-2019 Lassa fever outbreaks in Nigeria’.
6 Dr Utang Bassey Andah (Nigeria) – Utilization of managed care in primary health care as a means to achieving universal health coverage for Nigerians
7 Tuelo Kgosimoloi (Botswana) – Current healthcare funding in Botswana and recommendations for sustainability
8 Lelane Alta Laidas (Eswatini) – Alleviating mother and child morbidity and mortality in Nigeria through an integrated preventative public health approach
9 Franklin Nkengafac Ngueiwoh (Cameroon) – Knowledge management systems within the health care industry: A case study of Africa
10 Alfred Eddings Mwanyimbo (Malawi) – Perceived impacts of sex education as a preventive measure for sexually transimitted infections among the youth in Lilongwe, Malawi
11 Lassana Konde (Mali) – Knowledge of the impacts of the resurgence of multi-resistant bacteria among health workers in Koutiala health district, Mali
12 Johanna Ihuaku Aguh (Nigeria) – COVID-19 and Mental Health of Frontline Healthcare Workers in Nigeria
13 Yvette Amanda Atieno Oludhe (Kenya) – Assessment of the adoption and uptake progress of the social health insurance scheme in Kenya
14 Patience Ozavisa Samuel (Nigeria) – The Awareness and the Utilization of Vitamin a Containing Food among (Northern Nigeria-Kano-Nassarawa Local Government Area)
15 Nyeleti Joe Nyeleti (Zambia) – Compliance with COVID19 health guidelines in public places and its determinants in Kafue, Zambia
16 Pharm. Julius Kenkoh Nkiese (Cameroon) – Adherence to Standard Treatment Guidelines and its Impact on Stock Management in Faith-Based Health Systems in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, Case Study, Littoral Health Facilities of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBC HS)
17 Rasoarijaona Herinirina Daniela (Lesotho) – Smoking and the risk of oral cancers among people living with HIV infection in Sub-Saharan Africa
18 Juliet Kizanye (Uganda) – ‘Covid-19 containment measures and the performance of the trade sector
19 Felix Mulama Mbalasi (Kenya) – Application of strategic management in mission hospitals
20 Abdishakur Mohamed Ali (Kenya) – Influence of logistics network optimization on performance of distribution firms in Kenya
21 Peter Nduati Muiruri (Kenya) – Direct medical costs in the treatment of cancer patients at a rural Kenyan hospital
22 Victor Tinashe Marowa (Zimbabwe) – Impacts of employee wellness management on organisational performance and sustainability in Zimbabwe.
23 Andy Chapola (Malawi) – The impact of sporting activities on the mental health and social well-being of prison inmates
24 Chifundo Kamulete (Malawi) – Challenges of special needs patients in accessing healthcare services in public hospitals
25 Dr Nchinjoh Sangwe Clovis (Cameroon) – The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on childhood immunization services in Sub-Saharan Africa
26 Odirile Siele (Botswana) – The role of hospital accreditation on the welfare of patients in Botswana
27 Jackson Muli Muleti (Kenya) – Current patient safety and quality improvement practices among healthcare professionals in developing countries
28 Choene Mavis Malekane (South Africa) – Nosocomial infections in the neonatal ward of a South African public regional hospital
29 Tshephang Ndubiwa (Zambia) – The impacts of toxic culture on the mental health of young people in Sub-Saharan Africa
30 Lachhemi Rana (Britain) – The role of Interpreting Services In overcoming language barrier in the United Kingdom Health care system
31 Nixon Kaliati (Malawi) – The impact of health insurance on access to healthcare in Malawi
32 Rebecca Aalak Ogunbuyide (Nigeria) – Healthcare waste management in Nigeria
33 Thato Raletsatsi (South Africa)  Impact of change management on the organization performance of Coca-Cola company
34 Rawlings Ukala (Nigeria) – The impact of incessant industrial action by public healthcare workers in Nigeria
35 Andrea Eudora Scott The Impact of Medication Errors on Hospitalised Patients
36 Florence Kubali (Malawi) Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of a Malawian health centre nurse-midwives on perinatal mental illness
37 Lameck Stewart Saka (United Kingdom) Challenges faced by HCS managers in implementing clinical governance
38 Mari-Lee Visser The impact of professional challenges on nurses’ performance
39 Njang Mbeng Emmanuel (Cameroon) Gunshot injuries among patients that attended selected Cameroonian hospitals from 2016-2020
40 Simbiat Yetunde Kassim Bawa-Allah (Nigeria) – The impacts of medication errors on health
41 Farhana Sheikh (South Africa) – Obesity in South African children
42 Dr. Augusta Ogechinekekanma Anyaegbusim (Nigeria) – The impact of electronic healthcare information systems (EHIS) on organizational efficiency and patient outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa
43 Monenami Asuku (Nigeria) – Strengthening the health system through effective disease surveillance mechanisms in Nigeria
44 Adeniran Samuel Atiba (Nigeria) – Leadership among Hospital Workers
45 Kedibonye Leburu (Botswana) – Effectiveness of Tuberculosis prevention therapy (TPT) among people living with HIV/AIDS in Botswana: Unclear HIV Guidelines and unbalanced patient-provider understanding decreases uptake of TPT
46 Nadia Owusu Ansah (Ghana) – Integration of information and communication technology (ICT) into healthcare in Ghana; a systematic review.
47 Aisha Amira Saidu (Nigeria) – Implementing lean as a quality improvement model in healthcare
48 Anthony Mugendi Ndwiga  (Kenya) – The Role of International Marketing and Innovation Strategies on the Sustainability and Survival of healthcare Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Africa
49 Sam Kalungi (Uganda) – Factors associated with health worker absenteeism in government health facilities in Uganda
50 Navesh Moodley (South Africa) – The Impact of the Referral System within the Public Healthcare Sector on HIV Patients in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa (2019-2020)
51 Prince Chirwa (Malawi) – Implementing Telemedicine in Malawi for managing chronic diseases in the context of Covid 19
52 Debora Amos Sama (Nigeria) – Impact of e-commerce in healthcare businesses in Africa
53 Fumbanani Kapote Phiri (Malawi) – Households’ Willingness to Pay for Solid Waste Collection Services in Lilongwe, Malawi
54 Joseph Phiri (Malawi) – The impact of covid-19 vaccine uptake on Health and socio-economic outcomes: a case study of urban areas in Blantyre, Malawi
55 Sangwani Mkandawire (Malawi) – The role of mobile clinics in improving healthcare outcomes and patient satisfaction in Mulanje, Malawi
56 Batsirai Boetie Matiza (Zimbabwe) – The impact of political factors on healthcare service delivery in Zimbabwe
57 Joseph Jnr Mbewe (Malawi) – Management Health Services and Human Resources in Health Organizations
58 Dr. Phyela Mbeya (Malawi) – Effectiveness of Corporate Governance in Christian Health Association of Malawi(CHAM) Hospitals in Malawi
59 Debora Duwa Mtambalika (Malawi) – Social cash transfers in Malawi and determinants of access to health services: a path to quality health services for the poor