Ph.D. Thesis

1 Dr. Sulaiman Gbonnie Conteh (Sierra Leone) – Sierra Leone`s Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) Programme
2 Dr. Oliver Ombeva Malande (Uganda) – Drivers of Vaccine Hesitancy and Under-immunization among Children of Hoima and Wakiso Districts of Uganda
3 Dalilah Kalla (Mauritius) – Lived experiences of people living with Lupus Erythematus in Mauritius
4 Blessing Onote Adebo (Nigeria) – Healthcare system reforms: Access and Utilization patterns of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Nigeria. A case study of Abuja, Nigeria


Master’s Thesis

1 Samoel Khamadi (Kenya) – mHealth systems in the management of COVID-19 in Africa
2 Hannah Talitha Masangwi (Malawi) – Retention of health workers in the Malawian public sector
3 Marshall Sackey (Liberia) – Community Nursing Home Care and the mothers of pre-term babies
4 Mwanza Simangele Kalua (Swazi Land) – The extent and implications of gender-based violence against men in Southern Africa
5 Makava Isi Favour (Nigeria) – Epidemiology of, and response to, the 2018-2019 Lassa fever outbreaks in Nigeria’.
6 Dr Utang Bassey Andah (Nigeria) – Utilization of managed care in primary health care as a means to achieving universal health coverage for Nigerians
7 Tuelo Kgosimoloi (Botswana) – Current healthcare funding in Botswana and recommendations for sustainability
8 Lelane Alta Laidas (Eswatini) – Alleviating mother and child morbidity and mortality in Nigeria through an integrated preventative public health approach
9 Franklin Nkengafac Ngueiwoh (Cameroon) – Knowledge management systems within the health care industry: A case study of Africa
10 Alfred Eddings Mwanyimbo (Malawi) – Perceived impacts of sex education as a preventive measure for sexually transimitted infections among the youth in Lilongwe, Malawi
11 Lassana Konde (Mali) – Knowledge of the impacts of the resurgence of multi-resistant bacteria among health workers in Koutiala health district, Mali
12 Johanna Ihuaku Aguh (Nigeria) – COVID-19 and Mental Health of Frontline Healthcare Workers in Nigeria
13 Yvette Amanda Atieno Oludhe (Kenya) – Assessment of the adoption and uptake progress of the social health insurance scheme in Kenya
14 Patience Ozavisa Samuel (Nigeria) – The Awareness and the Utilization of Vitamin A Containing Food among (Northern Nigeria-Kano-Nassarawa Local Government Area)
15 Nyeleti Joe Nyeleti (Zambia) – Compliance with COVID19 health guidelines in public places and its determinants in Kafue, Zambia
16 Pharm. Julius Kenkoh Nkiese (Cameroon) – Adherence to Standard Treatment Guidelines and its Impact on Stock Management in Faith-Based Health Systems in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, Case Study, Littoral Health Facilities of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBC HS)
17 Rasoarijaona Herinirina Daniela (Lesotho) – Smoking and the risk of oral cancers among people living with HIV infection in Sub-Saharan Africa
18 Juliet Kizanye (Uganda) – ‘Covid-19 containment measures and the performance of the trade sector
19 Felix Mulama Mbalasi (Kenya) – Application of strategic management in mission hospitals
20 Abdishakur Mohamed Ali (Kenya) – Influence of logistics network optimization on performance of distribution firms in Kenya
21 Peter Nduati Muiruri (Kenya) – Direct medical costs in the treatment of cancer patients at a rural Kenyan hospital
22 Victor Tinashe Marowa (Zimbabwe) – Impacts of employee wellness management on organisational performance and sustainability in Zimbabwe.
23 Andy Chapola (Malawi) – The impact of sporting activities on the mental health and social well-being of prison inmates
24 Chifundo Kamulete (Malawi) – Challenges of special needs patients in accessing healthcare services in public hospitals
25 Dr Nchinjoh Sangwe Clovis (Cameroon) – The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on childhood immunization services in Sub-Saharan Africa