Called to serve his nation at an austere and difficult time, this man was enthusiastic about the prospect of being a part of the new lease of life in the kingdom. His call was an urgent, royal one. Everyone would love this kind of call.

There had been great hunger in the land because an enemy had laid siege to the entire kingdom and there was no way that they could access food aside from the one that they already had. When their food supply was exhausted, hunger ensued. It took the intervention of the One who is in charge of all things (God) for food to become available again in the Kingdom.

With the arrival of food, there was the promise of new life. The man was tasked with maintaining decorum as the people pressed through the gates to access the food at a price. But the people became impatient. The metered sale of food was rather too slow for the people who were dying of starvation. In their bid to access food more quickly, there was a stampede and the man was killed.

Behind the scenes, the man of God who prophesied the abundance that they now enjoyed also told the man who was now dead that he would see the abundance but would not taste of it because he doubted God’s ability to turn their seemingly impossible situation around. I guess he didn’t remember the prophecy at the time of his appointment or he thought that those words were nothing after all! Had he repented!

Don’t be oblivious to the prophecy that is behind the scenes of your life because it will surely come to pass. The prophecy is that you will die someday. The cause, time, and place of your death are unknown. You will be judged by God, based on what you did with Jesus while you were alive and how you lived your life on earth. And, you will live forever in either bliss or torment, depending on the outcome of your judgement. What would you do with that prophecy? Forget it? Think that it is nothing after all? Heed it, repent of your sins, and make Jesus the Lord of your life? The decision is yours to make. That prophecy will surely come to pass. Don’t be deceived.