Faith is holding on to what God said, concerning what we are expecting or crying out to Him for. Faith is believing in God and cooperating with Him.   Faith is what gives life and brings into reality what we hope to receive from God.   WHAT BUILDS FAITH Faith...Read more


Prayer connects us to God. In Prayer Divinity and Humanity are United such that Humanity begins to Glow with Divine Aura. Humanity make out time to PRAY. Don’t forget to PRAY.      Read more

How to sleep well

Sleep is the perfect form of rest available to human beings and is essential for health. Individuals who are unable to sleep well suffer ill-health and get tired easily. Sleep helps in removing the waste matter, which is constantly being formed in the body, repairing the tissues, and making available...Read more

Human Beings are much the same

Kartong: I was at Kartong last week. Kartong is a rural settlement that lies near The Gambia’s international border with Senegal. Kartong is a very strategic multi-ethnic village, comprising Mandikans, Jolas, Kronikas, Balantans, and so on, and is about only 60 km from Banjul, The Gambia’s capital city. A boy...Read more

Fleeting Little Life!

Each time a person dies, I’m reminded how quickly life ends, how easy it is to die – so fast, and how weak man is. I’m reminded it is a vain business to brag or boil over dust – the frail casing of mortality we live in. A snap, or...Read more

Convergence of erudition: a revolution in learning

Export of Knowledge Every time invitation comes for an academic to speak at an academic or related event, the forces of cooperative learning are being engaged. Invitations are flying around the globe every day and many are seizing such speakership opportunities to teach others what they need to know about...Read more

Stress Management Tips

Stress = Drain Have you ever felt physically or emotionally drained? That is what health authorities call stress. Stress is any mental, emotional, or physical strain that may threaten the health of the body or may have an adverse effect on the body’s functioning. A lot of things can get...Read more

The problem with JAMB and Post-UTME

The yearly ‘ritual’ Every year, there is an admission ‘rat race‘ in Nigeria. Candidates press for a place on the admission list of tertiary institutions. JAMB Examination The journey begins with an examination – an ‘all-mighty’, examination that (potentially) grants candidates a window of opportunity to secure an admission. This...Read more