Autonomous machines

An autonomous machine is a machine that operates on its own without any recourse to a control system either wired or wireless.

The machine is made to function on its own and to navigate the maze of its operational details. It has an inbuilt functional capacity to accommodate its operational complexities.

This is akin to the human system. The Creator has built man with the functional capacity to navigate the maze called life with candour and to initiate and maintain a relationship with Him. But your case is different from that of an autonomous machine. You have the help of God waiting for you to activate.

An autonomous machine may not decide, for example, to withhold lubrication from a moving part when it is indicated and that function is in its capacity to carry out. Amazingly, a man who can decide to surrender to, and worship his, Creator would decide to surrender to, and worship other things instead! Absurd.

Don’t proclaim through your actions and inactions that a machine is better at carrying out the instructions of its manufacturers than you are at carrying out the bidding of your Creator.

God has built in you the capacity to make decisions, prioritise important things, and make choices. Use those powers carefully. Never use those powers against Him. Otherwise, He will tell you, in inexplicable ways, eventually that you were wrong in those decisions, choices, and priority settings.

Be wise.