The Orapuh nondegree education offers a dynamic pathway for personal and professional growth in the dental and public health disciplines, unconstrained by traditional academic structures. It champions a flexible learning environment, allowing individuals to tailor their educational journey to their specific interests and goals. Embracing the Orapuh nondegree education liberates learners from theContinue Reading

Today marks 4 years since our uncommon journey began towards a resilient future. We’re grateful to every member of our community for their unwavering support and contributions. As we continue to embrace Orapuhism, let’s look ahead to a future filled with boundless possibilities. Happy Orapuhversary to all Orapuhians! Together, we’reContinue Reading

It is not enough to go to Church regularly or to belong to a highly esteemed Church. Matters of salvation transcend that type of commitment. They are grave matters. Salvation is a serious experience that doesn’t happen mistakenly or by a mere association with some of the elements of ChristianContinue Reading

The wind is a modifier of weather patterns. The wind is a game-changer. Be the wind. You have dwelt too long in self-management and self-righteousness. You have dwelt so long in self-pity and self-defense. You have blamed others and their attitudes for your failures in the past. The storms ofContinue Reading

The Division of Public Health, Orapuh College of Scholars (OCS) invites applications from outstanding early career public health and community health professionals for the 2024/2025 postgraduate fellowship programme. Learn more and begin your application here: For support, contact the Director of the Division at or (234) 814 907Continue Reading

When you publish with Orapuh Journal, you support open science. Open science is a groundbreaking approach that revolutionizes the traditional scientific process. It promotes transparency, collaboration, and accessibility in research, benefiting both scientists and the public. By sharing data, methods, and findings openly, open science fosters trust and credibility inContinue Reading

There are 2 paths. The path of knowledge and the path of ignorance. I invite you to choose the path of knowledge. Attending a colloquium gives you the opportunity to understand the various shades of a concept and decide the best response to the issue of interest. In 2024, TheContinue Reading

Joining Society for Oral and Public Health (SOPH) can offer several benefits, including: Networking: Connect with dental and public health professionals, researchers, and experts in the field, fostering valuable relationships. Education and Resources: Gain access to oral and public health educational materials, journals, and resources to stay updated on theContinue Reading