What to do with God’s Will and Purpose

Man has always worked to oppose God’s will and purpose. There is this subtle rebellion against God’s way in many hearts.

God gave instructions to the first man – the man that He created. Satan gave a counter instruction to man, and he chose Satan’s way instead of God’s.

God revealed His purpose to populate and subdue the earth to man when he began to live on the earth. Man attempted to build a condominium that would keep them from fulfilling God’s purpose.

God was delivering the children of Israel out of bondage, but they desired to return to bondage in Egypt.

God instituted His worship and revealed its institutions to the children of Israel but they worked against that revealed will and fashioned some elements of it to worship idols and devils.

Jesus instructed his disciples to go preach the gospel to all the world. They hurdled together in Jerusalem – just a city in one country of the world!

God wills that every believer prays. Believers are sleeping.

God instructs us to keep His Word in our hearts (spirit). People emphasize other disciplines above this all-important exercise.

The list goes on.

Man has always opposed God’s will.

When we oppose God’s will, we hurt ourselves; we cut ourselves off from God’s best and God’s rewards.

Obedience brings blessings. We must learn obedience.

God’s will is that all should be saved from eternal destruction. Now you know. But what are you doing with that knowledge? Are you opposing it or embracing it?

This truth will judge everyone who ends their life without embracing it and taking the right actions to walk in the light of it.

You walk in this truth when you

1. Realise your sinfulness and your need for a Saviour

2. Come to God, and confess your sins, faults, failures, and shortcomings asking for His forgiveness

3. Invite Jesus Christ into your heart and life to become your Lord and personal Saviour

4. Forsake all known sins and depart from every known sin deliberately and consciously

5. Follow God as genuinely as revealed in His Word

Today is the day to stop opposing God’s will and way. Make up your mind to follow through with whatever God requires of you today.