Knowledge and Certification, which is more relevant in getting hired?

Knowledge or Certificate, which is more relevant in getting hired? 

There is this accession about being hired based on knowledge rather than a certificate.

I believe this can only be true for one who played truant in their studies while in school and failed to garner the knowledge and experience packaged in the pursuit of the profession. But for those who were serious with their academic activities in school or while in training, all the skills, knowledge, expertise and experience that are required for the purported job, have been garnered by the students already.

Therefore, let’s understand knowledge and certificate.

KNOWLEDGE is SKILLS plus EXPERTISE in the Course of Study minus EVIDENCE that you know (have the knowledge).

CERTIFICATE represents SKILLS plus EXPERTISE in the Course of Study plus documented EVIDENCE, meaning that Certificate is knowledge plus evidence.

It is best to have the two (knowledge and certification) interwoven as a certificate than knowing alone (having knowledge alone) when seeking to be hired as a project mmanager. In many job opportunities, certificate and knowledge are a requirement. Both are important.

For this writeup, I think that Certificate is more relevant in getting hired and I am supporting it with these points.

1. A certificate is proof that skills and expertise are in place whether proven or not.

2. Certificate opens the Door to employment, as can be observed that in some organizations and institutions, a prospective employer cannot even access some job opportunities if such is not certified.

3. Certificate empowers and qualifies aspiring employees for hiring. Hiring Agencies consider the Certificate first as proof that the “SUPPOSED candidate or applicant has acquired the standard- Professional-expertise needed for the job and hiring.

4. A certificate from a recognized agency or educational institution broadens one horizon and gives you the ease of passage to be hired,

5. Certificate attracts attention and recognition and gives preference for consideration during hiring.

6. Certificate projects the standard of training, specialty, and placement position. One who has undergone three months of training in a Course cannot be placed with a BSc, Master’s degree, or PhD holder in the same level. Knowledge projects nothing until you are engaged.

7. With the Certificate you are an authority. You will be remunerated well. Knowledge alone without a certificate can jeopardize your position, salary, and authority. It’s like driving without a license and the consequence is huge.

8. Certificate fosters ethical practice and arms the mindset of the Professional to practice with integrity, bearing in mind that the association they belong to as a result of their certificate or certification may send a task force if they do otherwise

9. Being certified gives one the opportunity to connect, network, and partner with other professionals, or others in professions who would be of assistance during the execution of the job one would be hired to execute.

10. A Certificate holder can easily grasp and learn new skills faster

11. With the certificate, Professionals can build careers in their professions., and go for Masters, Ph.D., or post-doctoral programmes in their Course of study. Knowledge alone can’t get much for you.

12. A dropout in the final year of medical school is likened to knowledge while a certified medical practitioner is akin to a certificate. Who will you employ to work for you, and who will you commit your sick person to? Such is the place of knowledge and certificate in employment and no profession is excluded. Therefore, if upcoming professionals have the opportunity to go for studies in an educational institution or are trained by any agency, understand that structures are already in place to validate skills and expertise before certification.

13. As a prospective candidate seeking to be hired or that desires a job, placement, better remuneration, and welfare package, only certification will give you that job, knowledge can’t.

In conclusion, Certificate is the proof, documentation, endorsement, and confirmation that a Prospective candidate seeking to be hired, has what it takes to be hired, that is why Certificate is more relevant than fronting knowledge alone in getting hired.