The aggressive or subtle machinations of darkness have 2, often covert, purposes – to stop you from achieving your real potential and to damn your soul in hell. Have you noticed the influences of darkness on society and, by extension, your life? They influence mindsets through the ‘pictures’ that theyContinue Reading

Life is deep. Its recesses are deeper than any common understanding. No one really understands all there is to know about life. Some of our attempts to explain events and activities are just scratches on the surface of a gigantic mystery. Who then understands life? Who can measure its immensity?Continue Reading

To struggle with the fact that God loves humanity is to struggle with the most glaring truth in existence. God loves humanity. He desires the best for everyone. He has given us a will to choose to do the right things so we can dwell with Him forever. If GodContinue Reading

The semi-atheist cannot come clean with the denial of God’s existence, but he subtly resents and teaches against some vital elements of the true worship of, and absolute surrenderedness to, God. He arrogates some of God’s acts to some mundane or clandestine concepts and theories. He feeds his transactional mindContinue Reading

The wonders of creation are enormous. We may never understand the intricacies of the essence of all the creatures until we meet the One who crafted them in His immeasurable wisdom and tact outside of our casing called the body. There is a body for humans that functions from theContinue Reading

What could have become of man if God doesn’t love the world? What could have become of man if Christ was never born? What could have become of man if Christ didn’t die for man? What could have become of man if God had no plan of redemption? What wouldContinue Reading

The silence voice of the dying.   No body understands the pain of someone who knows they are dying.     In the heart ❤️, mind and voice of my late father.       “It is bitter painful knowing you are leaving the family you loved” (Onuagha, 2023)   Continue Reading