The making of a great Christian

The making of a great Christian does not happen suddenly or overnight. It is not a function of following ‘cunningly devised fables’ like confused or misguided persons in Churches and on social media peddle today.

There is confusion over when a person becomes saved. Some people affirm that it is at baptism; others say it happens at the point of joining a Church or stepwise as people read God’s Word! There is an over-emphasis on the grace of God to the exclusion of the responsibilities of the sincere seeker. There is an over-emphasis on some worldly principles, which relinquishes the place of trust in God to the background. We see the inappropriate endorsement of worldliness and related practices that injure the teachings of the holy scriptures concerning Christian comportment and duty. The list goes on.

Genuine Christianity results from an ongoing intense, consistent walk with God. He does all the work in us, so we can’t but appear at His workshop regularly for touches and repairs.

The journey to becoming a good child of God begins at salvation. We come to God for cleansing from the filth and defilement of our life and asking Jesus to take the wheel of our life. Salvation is a definite experience. If we haven’t had this experience, we are yet in our sin and on our way to damnation. After we get saved, we are not to depend on the insights and opinions of influencers or people who have dropped out of Church to guide our walk with God. It would be disastrous to do so. We don’t ask a mechanic to advise us about how to treat a problem with our gall bladder. We go to the doctor! We should depend on God’s Word and Spirit to guide us in our walk with Him. Healthy growth in Christ takes effort and patience. As you make genuine efforts to grow in Him and are patient with the process, you will grow to become a great Christian.