Don’t disregard the codes

When Absalom David began his seditious maneuvers in the bid to become the ‘Prime Minister’ of his prosperous kingdom, he had his accession plan laid out. He demonstrated subtle intrigues for some years before he thought that the plan was ripe for the grand unveiling.

He wielded political influence by convincing anyone who had a case that merited the speedy dispensation of justice that the throne lacked a credible and competent government official to handle such a case promptly, so justice was delayed. The credible and competent official that the government lacked was him! That guy had self-confidence.

He was in a kingdom that was established by the might of the Almighty. God gave the governance code and precepts of the kingdom. God gave the throne’s succession plan and the procedure for knighting successors in the kingdom. Absalom didn’t care about all that. He only cared about himself! Self-confidence! That is what society may call that today.

When we operate without regard to existing codes and the requirements of the Creator of the universe in which we live and interact, we are not self-confident. We are foolish, reckless, and blind. And anyone in that category will pay dearly for such blatant disregard for divine codes.

Absalom, the young, lively, and handsome dude, paid with his life and prospects. He died in the uprising. He died cruelly. Those who disregard God’s salvation now will pay with their soul. The ‘second death’ will catch up with them. There will be torment, misery, and regrets at their final destination.

Don’t disregard divine codes.