Life is deep

Life is deep. Its recesses are deeper than any common understanding. No one really understands all there is to know about life. Some of our attempts to explain events and activities are just scratches on the surface of a gigantic mystery.

Who then understands life? Who can measure its immensity? Who knows the length and breadth of its span? Who can keep it? Who can make it more meaningful than it is?

The One Who initiated it and set it in motion. The One Who guides its activities and sets the boundaries of its waves.The one Who multiplies and enriches it. The One Who moderates its intensity, frequency, and duration. God.

You are reading this because you have life. Someone gave you that life. God gave you that life. Your life is precious. Commit that life to Him. Honour Him with that life. Worship Him with that life.

There is a mediator between God and man. His name is Jesus. He died for you over 2000 years ago. He gave His life so you might be saved. His death has purchased new life for us – eternal life. Your present life would soon be over but the life that Jesus has procured for us continues beyond the grave.

You can appropriate His death in your life today. Go to God in prayer asking Him to forgive you for being so far from Him and for offending Him so many times and ask Jesus into your heart.

Life will become more meaningful for you when you do these.