The time is now!

The time to seek God is now. The time to make the ultimate decision to follow Christ is now.

Don’t waste your time and life on fleeting concerns to the detriment of your eternal destiny. You have only one life. You should live it well.

When we make the wrong choices, we regret at the end.

We make wrong choices when if we,

Focus on making money while neglecting the worship of the Creator.

Believe that the Creator does not exist.

Follow religious stories and philosophies without conducting an honest investigation into the foundation of our faith.

Go to Church regularly without having a living relationship with God.

Get baptized without being born again.

Believe that sin cannot destroy God’s relationship with man.

And so on.

Wrong choices lead people to the wrong places and to the final wrong destination – hell.

Today is the day to turn away from those wrong choices, make amends, and return to the Creator to worship Him in spirit and truth.

Jesus loves you.